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Supports Turnitin AI detection in English

Upload the text that requires AI Detection and get a detailed Turnitin PDF report . AI Undetect currently has a rewriting success rate of 80%. If the rewriting fails, please return to humanize again.


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Enhanced Model

The enhanced model is available for AI Undetect Basic, Standard, and Pro Plan. It has better paraphrasing quality and passes Turnitin detection.

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Introducing Turnitin AI

Turnitin AI is the world's leading authority in AI Detection,

AI Undetect is proud to exclusively support Turnitin AI Detection services for English texts, ensuring your AI-generated content remains worry-free. Turnitin detection services for other languages will be rolled out progressively.

The aiundetect rewriting algorithm boasts a success rate of 95%.

After utilizing the AI rewriting feature on the homepage, please come to this page for a strict review of the results. If it does not pass, do not worry, return to the homepage for humanizing again.

AI Detectors reports

Questions and Answers

Browse our FAQs for insights into how AI UNDETECT's Turnitin servie operates. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Why does Turnitin AI only support English?


What if I run out of Turnitin AI checks?


Does the AI Undetect service for Turnitin support plagiarism detection?


What if my text does not pass Turnitin's check?


Is the Turnitin report accurate?


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